Teams that build together...
Give Teambuilding a new meaning.  Trust falls, and pass the rubber ducky are great, but let's go a different route.  One where everyone leaves excited, with a new appreciation of their coworkers, and a renewed confidence in themselves.  Our workshops are extremely social, interactive, and enjoyable.  Coupled with the primitive excitement of building something with your bare hands, our guests will be smiling come Monday morning, Guaranteed.  Contact us, or read more about the DIY experience.
Large Groups
Your group can come to one of our locations, or we can come to a location convenient for your group. Each location has different rules, but get in touch with us about what would be best for your group. 
  •  Rent an extra hour or two before or after for team meetings, gift exchange, a catered dinner, or bachelorette games
  • Multiple project choices
  • Expert instructors lead your group and encourage teamwork and leadership
Small Groups
Ask us about a completely private workshop, or join into an open workshop to celebrate your special occasion.  Each guest will make their own project, with our instructors' expert guidance.  The extremely social setting of our workshops allows for plenty of mingling and conversation throughout the workshop.  The variety of options we provide for finishes and build customization gives every maker what they need to make sure they go home with a project that perfectly matches their style.   
Our instructors instill a confidence in our guests like they've never experienced before.  Regardless of skill level, we provide just the right amount of instruction or guidance so our guests feel they have built something on their own.  We love seeing everyone so excited.
Whatever you need
All of our locations are cooler than the office.  Remember how much you looked forward to a field trip as a kid in school?  Take an adult field trip, get your work out of the way, then loosen up and have some fun with the group.  
Lets Talk Details!
Let us know who we should contact to work through the details, and we will be happy to reach out and plan your next group event.  All we need is an email or phone number.  If it's you, we should start with a few questions Click here and fill out the form on the bottom of the page.  

  • You'll receive an email reply within 24 hours with our project list.  
  • Once a date is worked out, a deposit holds the reservation while other details are discussed.  
  • An invoice will be provided, and payments can be made via paypal, square, or check. (yes we take amex)
  • Then you're all set - just show up the day or night of your event with your group, and let us do the rest.  
  • Get started now!
Custom Projects
Let's help your group make something special for the mom-to-be, the bachellorette, the new coworker, or the office reception area.
No Experience Necessary
Everyone uses the tools, and everyone experiences the excitement of accomplishment
All Hands on Deck!
Everyone will have something to do, and working together to create something special is a beautiful thing
For a Good Cause
We can work with a charity or worthy cause of your choice to design and build something they need, so your corporate group can give something back to the community
Get In Touch
Hoboken / Morristown:

Ann Arbor:

We want to help you have a memorable experience.  Email us and let's talk about a special request, or if you have any questions.  We reply to all emails within 24 hours.